Monday, 22 October 2012

The List Maker

I make lists

For years I kept a diary in my bag and I wrote lists - lots of them.
I had a week a page type diary and I wrote the jobs for the coming week, daily tasks etc - I never actually managed to do most of these in the allocated time - I am a last minute type of girl - but I still made lists.

Two years ago  I purchased a family organiser calender thing and put it on the fridge. Initially I kept the diary too but it all got a bit confusing so I abandoned the diary when I realised I wasn't using it any more. I also realised that most of my lists were futile and actually never really helped achieve anything - now I write important reminders on the calender eg Car registration due etc as my memory prompts.

Burda tunic - a whole year on my list before I made it this weekend
(and it is actually too big in the neck so goes in the cupboard for next year - damn it!)

But old habits die hard and I do still keep lists - they are just swimming around in my head.
Items I want to make, things I need to do around the house, errands to run, work stuff etc. I sit there having coffee making little lists in my head, I sometimes jot them down on a piece of paper or on my ipad - random scribblings that I loose or delete later as the act of writing them down  helps commit them to memory.

This little corner of chaos has been at the top of my list for several months now, so this weekend I finished the desk and resorted the supplies .
Soooo much better now ( although that green on the table is pretty luminous! - what was I thinking when I looked at the paint chart)

Chair redo to go with the desk is in process, but not in green.

Christmas time however brings list frenzy to my head and I think I am going to have to write a big list and stick it on the fridge. This revelation came after I had gone to my neighbours to prewarn them my daughter and a few little mates would be coming round this wed for Halloween ( Not a tradition here in NZ and it annoys some people if your kids come trick or treating - so I was just checking before sending kids up their driveway). Anyway I digress - I then realised I was a week out and it is not Halloween this week anyway - so I need a list as I was getting ahead of myself.

This weeks list:

Make Halloween costume for G
Another Tova shirt for me
Finish my big pile of mending
Finish the chair to go with the desk above

What's on your list?

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