Sunday, 14 October 2012


Last weekend of the school holidays,  weird weather for October in NZ , it is supposed to be Spring and on saturday morning we had snow!

We were a little underdressed for the unseasonal conditions
So we hung around inside for most of the day as the snow was really wet and quickly disappeared.

We also made a shadow puppet box, a little hard to tell but these are Charlie and Lola characters including sizzles the sausage dog which Georgie drew - pretty good huh.
I got the idea from Megan over here at Mousehouse. Georgie is obsessed with Charlie and Lola but the Gruffalo characters are pretty cool in Megan's version.
I also started a plan to update Georgie's craft corner
She has outdrown this space and this picture is actually a good day, that little table has become a craft dumping ground and she now spreads to the kitchen table.
New plan is to renovate this table and chair ($20 thrift shop find for both)
Currently banished to the Garage in all their formica and grubby glory: but todaywas sunny and warm so I started the process to transform them to something we can live with.  I didn't want to spend lots of $$ on something that we will no doubt grow out of in another couple of years.
 And I have been sewing - pictures tomorrow.


Baby By The Sea said...

Snow. I can't believe it. Lovely. And the shadows are so totally cool. It's a must try for us now.

Hindustanka said...

oh, wow!i love snow, but when it's unexpected, it might feel weird...hope all is fine over there and spring days coming back! Anna