Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tova shirt

Actually it's more of a Tova tunic - I made it about 10cm longer than the shirt so I can wear it with tights or jeans.

The fabric is a Japanese Nani Iro that I got here at Stitch Bird Fabrics in Wellington. It is a super soft double gauze. The back of the fabric is white and because it turns open at the neck I put a facing in here so the front of the fabric is on both sides. I really like this pattern it's easy and comfortable to wear. 

I had a complete mission though trying to get a self portrait of it - I mean how many unflattering photos can you take?, I took about 20 and then gave up - that's why my face is not in these pics.

Then I had a play around with my camera and tried to get some different angles from my bike

It's really quite difficult to ride and take photos. 

I am going to buy myself a new camera for xmas - so far I am considering the panasonic LX7 - it's small and takes good action pictures ( and not too expensive) - I like to chuck my camera in my bag on bike trips or in my pocket when I ski.  I know it's a real compromise when it comes to good quality photos so I am coming around to the idea that maybe I need 2 camera's in the longer term - a digital SLR and one like this little panasonic. I also like the look of the sony alpha Nex 7 - again quite small for a DSLR but reviews look good.  If you own either of these I'd like to know what you think of them.

These pictures are taken on my old Leica - its little which I love but I just can't get great images and need want to upgrade.  The new Leicas that are bigger are just too pricey -that's why I like panasonic - Leica lens and controls are very similar. I have been reading lots of reviews - but wow so many choices I just can't decide.

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Baby By The Sea said...

Love the tunic -- especially the fabric. Nice job!