Monday, 5 November 2012

Where did it go?

Where did that last week go?
I swear time accelerates towards the end of the year.
I had great plans for the last week, few of which I achieved.
I did manage to make a Halloween costume and organise a trick or treat round here in our cul de sac. Not that any of the kids understand Halloween here in NZ , other than you dress up and the neighbours give you lollies.  I pre asked all our neighbours to make sure they were ok with it and everyone seemed to have a fun time.

I did very badly with photos sorry.

I made bat wings out of fleece - no heming and just the seams for the arms and hood. Georgie wore a black top and tights under it.   Specific instuctions for a fruit bat! , she wanted a brown body but no brown fleece available at short notice.   Then I made a little felt mask - she was happy with this.
Pattern for the bat wing here at My little poppet, I added a hood as well but probably works better without.

I made a couple of Halloween themed food item , no picture but spooky spider eggs from here:

And some spider web cupcakes: very last minute so no spider on these just the web.

I seem to have been busy with not much to show for it aside from the above. 

Our garden had turned into a wilderness -not in a good way, long grass between my strawberries, weeds everywhere in the paths - uugh - you get the picture. So I made a pact with myself to just do 1/2 hr a day in the garden. It now looks way better and tonight I ditched the collection of dead succulents from my pots on the veranda ( a combination of relocation stress , too little love and hard frosts has seriously reduced the count). Instead I filled them with herbs which I am hoping I can keep alive - not a green thumb in sight here. I love the idea and look of a vege garden but the reality is it takes time and actually I'm not sure I even like gardening that much. And there you go my week was done.

I do have another Tova shirt for me almost finished - photos tomorrow but with a course and extra work in the next week that is probably all the sewing I can get done. I hope your week has been more productive than mine.

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Baby By The Sea said...

Love the bat wings. Perfect I say.
And, yea, where did last week go??? Seriously..