Sunday, 18 November 2012

Work interruptions

It was a bit hopeful packing my knitting when I went away for 10 days of work  - not a stitch done.  By the time I had finished work I had run out of creative mojo - I did manage several trips to spotlight ( large craft store) . They had a 30% off fabric sale and I couldn't help myself.

Confession -  this is only about half the fabric I bought - the rest is in the washing machine as I write this. It was soooo cheap compared to the stores here at home.  Some of it I just liked but have no project in mind - the top one is destined to be a skirt for Georgie and there is a small black gingham in the machine that is to be another Tova shirt for me. 

I've spent the weekend ingnoring the piles of washing waiting to be put away , the unloved sewing room ,  my half unpacked bags lying on the bedroom floor. Instead  a sleep in and then hanging out at the skate park today - Georgie's latest love.  All good.

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