Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Works in Progress

I realised this morning that I had only 2 days left until Dec 1st , so today I am working on the advent calendar

Actually this was on last years making list but it never happened, so I decided hand made xmas was a work in progress - an item or two each year.
With the xmas making starting Georgie got excited and demanded the xmas tree
This too is a work in progress, decorations to make - both Georgie and mine.
Note the very summer dress, it's hot , no snowflakes here.

Lastly my vege garden, with my love/hate relationship with gardening I finally planted some radishes and carrots a couple of weeks ago and yeh they are growing - no small feat for me. The strawberry patch has all but taken over the rest of the garden so it's a select few plants - salad ingredients in my vege patch this year.

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