Friday, 21 December 2012

Christmas Crafting

Last year I purchased a polystyrene wreath and this year I got around to covering it.


Basically a no sew project that took about 2 hours in total. ( I sewed a few scraps together when my scraps were too small).  I cut strips about 5cm wide and 1 m long then folded them in half lengthwise.  Then with a gluegun I stuck to the ring hiding the joins at the back.  Fabric roses were made with the glue gun also.  I just tied a knot in one end of the strip then wound the fabric around and around using the glue gun to secure as I went and another big blob of glue on the back of each fixed them to the wreath - easy.

The advent calender ( here), this wreath and the felt decorations for teachers were the 3 Christmas crafts for the year I wanted to do , anything else is a bonus. Four more days to go and as many social functions so maybe one or two gifts if I get time?

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becoming claudine said...

That is the sweetest wreath ever!!

Happy Holidays to you!