Sunday, 30 December 2012

Holiday Making

Now the Christmas rush has passed we have had more time for leisurely crafting.  On boxing day we took off for some summer camping.  In the mornings we explored the surrounding area on our bikes, poked around in the dirt and swam in the VERY cold creek:

The afternoon heat was too fierce to venture out in so we hung out in the shade reading books and doing some holiday craft kits.

Before school ended I bought the book :Show me a Story by Emily Neuburger - craft projects and activities to spark Children's Storytelling.  Georgie spied it when it arrived in the post and has been pestering me ever since to make something so today at home we  used the river stones idea.

We painted them , then modgepodged pictures cut from fabric and magazines on to them ( fabric works best because it is flexible).  You'd be amazed at how much fun this proved ( and very amusing), Georgie delighted in us all making up stories based on the pictures.

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