Monday, 24 December 2012

Last Minute

I had a few quick items on my making list that I wanted to do.  Over the past weekend I managed to do just enough sewing , in between swimming and biking trips, to make these 3 items.

New Pj's for Georgie - I had intended to make these for the solstice but was a bit late , so she got to  open a present this evening and has worn them to bed tonight.
( Sew liberated blossom blouse and a pair of shorts to match cut off some old pj's).

A hat for my niece - she missed out last year so I made one for her this Christmas.  The bucket hat from oliver and S.  Always surprises me how easy it is to make.
Lastly an upcycled blanket into a cushion for a friend who is about to move to her new house.  This really was last minute - I was sewing it up at 2.30 this afternoon before she arrived for a Christmas eve meal with us.
I hadn't intended it to be so "Christmasy" but that's what I put together with limited time.
That's it - no more gifts to make, a salad to make in the morning for a lunch and then a day with family.  Forecast is for a hot sunny xmas day. One year I'd like to have a white xmas but Summer christmas is good too.
Merry Christmas

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Love the applique pillow . . . but then I am a sucker for felt! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.