Saturday, 8 December 2012

Xmas decorations and Cameras

I have a new camera , ok confession I have two new cameras!

A panasonic DMC FZ200 which has a mega amazing zoom 25-600mm., f2.8 and looks like this:

The zoom is truely awesome - I was standing 3 m from the mirror when a took this shot . I had to clean the mirror as the camera kept focusing on the dust - how cool is that ( not the dust on my mirror, that is why it's a slighty fuzzy shot)

I'm excited and am just coming to grips with the basics of this camera.  We made xmas pine cone decorations.


These are the first play with the camera - in poor light - I think there is hope.
This is what the zoom can do
View from the couch
And zooming in  from the same spot on the couch  ( I know crappy photo composition but you get the idea).  Yep really excited about this zoom - can you tell?  I am hoping it is going to allow me to get much more natural shots of people without having to get right up close and stuff like that.
Now the second camera is a smaller panasonic DMC- LX7 which looks like this

 It's handbag size - I know a bit hard to tell in this pic, actually it's quite big handbag size but the FZ200 is a big camera , too big to put down inside my jacket front when I ski and to take biking etc .  So thats my justification for 2 cameras. This is small and takes fast shots but not much zoom. 
I decided to buy the same brand as only 1 system to learn .  The price of these 2 was pretty much the same as a digital SLR with interchangable lenses - which to be honest I didn't think I was quite up to photography wise.
Both of these are point and shoot or manual adjustment - so far so good.
I know excessive buying 2 new cameras - but hey I have a Birthday and xmas coming up.


Catherine said...

Lucky you, what a fantastic camera! And the decorations are great. I love pinecone.

becoming claudine said... cameras are so fun!!

Such lovely Christmas decorations...the tree, the bunting!