Thursday, 3 January 2013


The new year came with rain - lots of it - 48 hours non stop - we were starting to get cabin fever.
This morning we woke to sunshine but the weather was still a bit temperamental with snow low down on the hills around us and temperatures to match. Fresh and not very summery. We made the most of a clear spell this afternoon and went for a big walk - something in my plan below  - get outside more.

We did a little making, mostly for small girl entertainment - a combined effort on a slightly wonky story mat and a bag for story cards.

And I made plans. 2013 plans. Not really a resolution but a big list of the things I want to do.  I won't bore you with the complete long list but these were a few things :

-Finish chair for georgie's art table
- Paint our fence
- Do a photography course
- Make a feliz dress for Georgie
- organise a girls craft weekend away
- complete 2011 and 2012 photo albums
- spend more time outside

Essentially it is all those random " to do " things floating around in my brain which I put down on paper.  My idea is to try to do one of these things each week, obviously some will span many weeks but as long as I am doing something on the list that's cool. It's thoughts in progress . I still haven't decided how to improve my fitness ,other than getting outside, and I expect my list to change over the year. But a plan, no matter how vague , feels good.

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Photo albums are on my list too! Have neglected them for the last few years and it occurs to me I am exposing myself to a whole lot of risk by only having electronic copies.