Thursday, 24 January 2013

The Magic of Six

Georgie turned 6 last week, I worked on her birthday so we celebrated it in the weekend with a small party. Somewhere in the summer holiday mode amongst party planning, work and swimming lessons - blogging fell to the bottom of the list.

Her new watch and the set of girls lego we gave her are a hit.

(Note attentive father in background sleeping )

I spent a bit of time cruising the net for birthday ideas - as you do - and saw a very cool idea on Kelle's blog - Enjoying the small things.  I thought about it for a while - would I disappoint her when she discovered we put it there? But then I don't recall being disappointed to discover the father Christmas secret or the tooth fairy or any of those parts of my childhood and nor do my siblings or my husband. Make belief is the magic of childhood and six is getting close to the age that the magic can disappear for some children. I know from the conversations on other blogs that not everyone agrees with this but we decided in our house that magic will still exist.

So on her birthday morning , Georgie discovered this little door in the wall.
With a note and a birthday present.

And magic it is, she tells me she thought she saw a fairy wing disappear behind a bush this morning - she is smitten.  The fairies left a fun puzzle too.

Our timing was good, we have since been to see the movie "Rise of the Guardians" , much to her delight the tooth fairy was in it.

The Party theme was also based on another great kids movie "Brave" - I like that Merida.

As with all our best birthday cakes - our friend Wendy made it - great huh.
We kept the party simple, just one game - pass the parcel with a small gift for each child and we made some bow and arrows.

All credit to Lier at Ikatbag for the idea and instructions. We used a blackboard with a target drawn on it. Actually for most of the kids these were a bit of a challenge but the parents had fun.

That's an "apple " on Wendy's head - haha.

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Lyndy Young said...

I love the door into the wall. A friend here in Wellington has doors in her skirtings that open onto little mouse rooms fully furnished and occupied.