Thursday, 7 February 2013

Catching up

Life got in the way - I worked last week , it was really busy and I got tired - blogging went on hold as creativity did as well.
The paper mountain on the kitchen bench, the table, my bedside table - started to erupt and spill over - quite frankly it became overwhelming and was getting  hard to ignore it until I had days off. I didn't get outside enough and I was getting  grumpy and my 6 yr old was over it too.

Yesterday was Waitangi day - a public holiday here in NZ.
I sorted and filed the paper, I did several small jobs - painting around ceiling lights etc then forced Miss 6 out for a bike ride we both needed. When we got home all was good again - we had the tea party she wanted

We played with the new bed for the princess and her pea - made by Dad in the garage

I finally got around to framing and hanging some of her art. The warehouse had really cheap white  frames a few weeks ago - so I hung her flower picture - first place in the spring flower show last year- my favourite of her paintings.

Along with a couple of her other pictures , next to a rose I painted when I was pregnant with her.

In my tired state last week, with messy house I had a big urge to  sell and move to a bigger home - I even went as far as visiting an open home last Saturday - then I slept . On Sunday I looked around and reminded myself that what we have is good, that small is good. That small affords us part time work and great holidays. Tidying the art into frames helped but what I really need is a wardrobe purge and another dejunk all around - watch this space.


Lisa Eggs said...

Thanks for checking out my snow pics, it was wild! I am so charmed by the princess and the pea! I was just looking at my calendar and thinking, hmmm...I wonder what Waitangi Day is :) I have a soft spot in my heart for NZ, my husband and I are completely obsessed with Flight of the Concords :)

becoming claudine said...

Oh that artwork is wonderful!! I think sometimes simply getting a few new things hung on the walls, or cleared out of a space, or rearranged and you can again love your space.

I found that after 10 years of being in our house that never felt "perfect" that I got to a place of loving what we did have and how we made our very small space work for us! (Though, admittedly, I do desperately dream of a larger yard and woods.)