Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Racing the clock

I feel like I have been chasing the clock all week:
Hurrying to get to school on time,
rushing to finish mowing the lawns before it rains,
Trying to complete a wardrobe purge before lunch,
painting a section of the fence before school pick up,
and on it went.

I have a list of summer jobs on my mind, things I want to do before summer ends - painting the fence amoungst them. The rush - we go on holiday at the end of this week.  It's not that our house sitters will care or even notice the freshly painted fence, but I don't want to come home from holiday with a list of jobs to do.

While I was on a roll I pulled out the Noro Cowl I started about  9 months ago (eek), I had been putting it off - it required mental effort. A provisional cast on to get back on the needle then kitchener stitch which I have never done and in moss (seed) stitch at that. With the help of  The purl bee and Tricksy knitter and their  tutorials it's in a wearable state for next weeks winter break .

 Note to self : next time I do kitchener stitch I will make it a stocking stitch not moss stitch item - the seam is not invisible but good enough that you don't see it unless you look quite hard.

Tonight I slowed down a little - we sat on the outside couch after school in the sun for almost an hour - just hanging out.  Then I opened my new xmas recipe book - Simple Pleasures by Annabel Langbein and made Zucchini and Feta Pissaladiere ( unfortuately not a recipe on her website but lots of other nice ones are here ).  I substituted red pepper for tomatoes since that is what I had - it was good.

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