Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, usually the frantic xmas pace is over and we are back in routine. This year it seems to be on fast forward, too much work after we got back from holiday.  Looking forward to a more relaxed pace after Easter.

The last couple of weeks we have had some beautiful days though:

The light here is amazing at this time of the year in the late afternoon, I have been playing around with my camera .
A photography course is on my list for 2013, I finally think I have found some that will suit me here at Nicole's classes. Short courses with a weekly assignment . All of the NZ onesI have seen have been either in the wrong place or the correnspondence ones way more time than I have.
We have been making again:
Little pants for a new baby
Pictures with paint, dishwash liquid and water to make bubbles then lie paper over the top.
easter craft - this photo cracks me up - the carrot was her idea!

Blown eggs and sharpies pens
I have signed up for sewing classes again and Kids Clothes Week
see button in the side bar - although it will be Autumn clothes for us. Now just need to send my overlocker off for a service , tension is all off and I just cannot fix and nor can the sewing tutor - arrgh ( if you own one you will understand this frustration)


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