Thursday, 7 March 2013

Reminders of Japan

Shopping wasn't high on the priority on our trip, skiing and eating was.
As I said in the last post we did a quick shop in the airport for a few reminders of our trip:

I bought myself a tea set to drink green tea.

 a little ornament for G ( is was Hinamatsuri - girls festival the day we got home .) For a few weeks prior to the festival many hotels and restaurants display tradional 7 level doll displays - there is a picture of G standing next to one in the last post.


Chopstick rests

-and  a selection of hair ties.  I also bought a Yukata for G and I each to wear as dressing gowns at home.

Other than these we got a few gifts for family and friends . Many of the displays - especially the sweet shops are just beautiful - but there is only so much you can fit in your hand luggage.


Max said...

I'm really enjoying your posts about japan, i'd love to go there one day-for the snowboarding, kyoto and the pottery. One day... X

cloves corner said...

Ah, the sweets! When I was a kid my Aunt lived in Japan for several years. What I remember most of the things she brought home are those funky, intricate little sweets. Seeing your photo brought back instant taste-bud memories.

Also, I especially love the ornament : )

Katy said...

When I first saw those sweets I seriously thought they were beads. They look amazing. I still can't quite believe they are edible.