Sunday, 10 March 2013

Settling back into the groove

It always surprises me how long it takes after a holiday to get settled back into our home routine. Even though we were away just 2 weeks it seems to have upset our equilibrium.

Japan is all just a bit different from home

Admittedly I had thought 2 weeks at school to settle in before our holiday would be a good thing , but I have come to the conclusion that the end of the year would be better. Or going away just prior to a term break and arriving back when all her classmates have also been on holiday.

We arrived home on Sunday afternoon - a 10 hr international flight but in reality 24 hrs of travel time from Hukuba to our home. Georgie slept for 15hrs that night and I let her sleep in until she woke at 10.30 am.  Then after a leisurely morning I took her up to school mid lunch time. In retrospect this was not a great idea - her friends were scattered somewhere in the playground.  She clung to my hand somewhat forlornly as we dropped her bag to the empty classroom and attempted to find a playmate. Five minutes before the bell rang I left her chatting happily with a lovely staff member we came across in the playground. ( she really didn't want to go back to school Monday and I should have listened to her - we were still pretty tired).

Slowly she settled back in this week but it took longer and was harder for us both than I expected.   My week has been pretty unproductive too, I did a few errands, got some exercise - but not enough and now the week is up and I am back to work tomorrow.  Actually going back to work will be kind of good in a way - plus it's a good motivator to save for the next holiday.

The weather on our holiday  - complete contrast to the current hot NZ summer.

This weekend was beautiful weather , we spent it at home- biking, swimming and when it was too hot in the afternoon playing with lego.

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