Sunday, 21 April 2013

Ambitious list for Kids Clothes week

Kids Clothes week starts tomorrow. I have a big list - along with holidays, swimming lessons and a big course manual I need to read in the next two weeks .
First up is actually a finishing project:

I am making style B - the shorter coat in grey stretch velvet with the blue fabric as the lining. I have been working on this in sewing classes but have some hand embroidery, sleeves to set in, buttons to make holes for and lining to attach. ( like I said - this is an ambitious list with this at the top!) I want to make that hat too , which is another pattern, and I think for another week.
Next two projects are some new winter nightwear

2 fun flannels to make a long nightie version of this top from the blossom blouse pattern and also a pair of PJ's. Hoping these will be quick and easy.
Project 4
An ice cream dress in fine cord.
Project 5 and 6
More Oliver and S - a sailboat skirt in this bright pink fine cord - I could not get a true colour in the photo - it's a real bight barbie type pink . I plan to use the free mollie makes rose buttons on this.  For the sailboat top I have the grey stripe with the pearly vintage buttons I got at a craft market.
Mmmm - an hour a day? - I don't think so - can see a few late nights in this list .
Check out Kids Clothes week if you want to learn more about the challenge.

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Carie said...

Oh wow! If you get all of that finished I shall know that you have learnt how to warp space and time and will beg you to share the secret! Seriously though, those look like great projects and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished projects ( not least because I've got some Mollie Makes buttons too)