Monday, 22 April 2013

KCW day 1 April 22

It's not very often that my day actually goes to plan but it did today. Despite an extra child for the day, a school holiday library programme and a swimming lesson I managed to make 2 things!  woohoo. I decided to go for instant gratification rather than work on the jacket and made these items.

A very long nightie ( as per the wearers request) and a pair of winter Pj's

I made the sleeves a little longer in the pj's - not sure if it really works but am hoping the pants will become 3/4 and the top still fit until next winter.
Both are from the blossom blouse pattern in Meg McElwee's book sew liberated. It is a very easy and quick pattern. I have made variations of it about 10 times now.
Tomorrow looks like it will be a bit of a sewing write off - might just try to cut out the Oliver and S dress.

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