Thursday, 25 April 2013

KCW Day 4 - the good, the bad and the ugly

Day 4 has been a mixed day, productive but with a few hiccups.
This morning I posted about the Oliver and S, ice cream dress here.  Good thing I took pictures immediately after it went on. Mid morning Georgie played dress ups with a friend and took it off. Then comes the bad - she put it back on but instead of pulling it over her head she tried to step through the neck and pull it up - loud ripping sound ensued according to her. I mean what was she thinking - thats a teeny hole.

That beautiful little V I so carefully made even in the front was no more - replaced with a large gapping rip- eeek. Because I had bar tacked across the back, the front was obviously the weak point. Actually probably better as I imagine if it had ripped at the back it would have gone way down the bodice - although probably easier to seam up and fix.

Georgie said " I'm really sorry but you can fix it can't you"

I have a friend who has a kids clothing label ( - her care tags read :

 Get it dirty
Scrub it with wonder soap
Wear it

With this is mind I said, yes I could, I was a little upset as it was new but it was just a dress. Then I told her a story of wearing a new dress my mother had made to school. I ripped the skirt of it in a big 3 corner tear under a skateboard wheel the first time I wore it. I worried all day that she would be mad - I don't remember her being upset but I know she fixed it and I continued to love that dress until it wore out. I was 5 and I still remember loving the clothes my mother made us and treasuring them - I hope my daughter does too.

I fixed it, in my eyes it is a little ugly, in hers it is perfect.

What was ugly though was the state of the sewing room:
I am too embarrassed to let you see the whole room , this is just a peak through the door!
Just to prove I don't live in a complete pig style - here is a photo after a quick tidy up
The good : I did some work on the jacket from sewing classes
And I cut out another icre cream dress and an Oliver and S sailboat skirt
Hoping to finish at least another garment tomorrow.

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marisa said...

Came over from the KCW flickr group - I can imagine how you felt about the torn dress - but it sounds like you handled it better than I would! You did a great job fixing it and it looks lovely.