Saturday, 27 April 2013

KCW Day 5 - buttonholes

I spent a couple of hours sewing yesterday but have little to show for it.

I went to sewing class with the jacket I am making Georgie. One of the things I did was make button holes. The great things about classes is learning how to make finishes tidier and more professional looking.

Two tips I learnt:

1. sew a straight lines of stitches where you are about to put the buttons hole - this is more for fabric with stretch or where you are putting the button hole perpendicular to a seam or edge and it is a bit harder to keep things straight. ( Yes I know, somewhat ironic that the one picture I took does not show a straight but a curved line of stitches but you get the idea!)  I found it much easier to put the buttonhole in so will probably do this in future for all buttonholes.

2. Use a buttonhole foot - this may seem obvious if you do a lot of sewing but I never actually knew which foot is was until I did classes last year.

You can see it has 2 little grooves on the base to keep the button hole straight.

Here is one made using the button hole foot: Not perfect but once cut and a button in it will look fine.

Compared to one without a buttonhole foot:

Note, this one did not have the row of staight stitchs first so not only is it a bit wonky but the fabric has stretched differentially.
Hope this helps if you stuggle with button holes.

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