Sunday, 28 April 2013

KCW Days 6 & 7

It's with a bit of relief that the week and sewing frenzy is over for a bit.
Yesterday I finished making the Burda Jacket I had been working on:

Burda 9501 in the shorter style.  I made a size 6 , it's a little on the big side , especially the sleeves which are a bit long and because of the detail tabs hard to take up. Hoping that it will fit well into spring. If I made it again  I don't think I would bother with the wrist details as can see for kids they will just get in the way a bit. Georgie's favourite detail is the buttons, which is funny because I specially did the embroidery with silver thread to appeal to her since I did not think whe would be that keen on a grey jacket otherwise.

The other thing I made this morning is the pink pinwale cord skirt she is wearing above.  It is an Oliver and S pattern - the sail boat skirt.  These are great patterns - the fit is good ( I did alter mine a little but just made a size 4 but length of a size 6 as Georgie is so petite).  The instructions are fantastic - just when you think something is a bit weird - you read the next part of the pattern and it explains it all.

It was really quick to make and not nearly as complicated as it looks, plus Georgie likes the way there is only elastic across the back so meets her comfort criteria.

It's proved popular on the swings and scooter too.

Now I just have another ice cream dress cut out and half sewn up to finish for her and she has a complete winter wardrobe. I did have a sailboat top on my list but it's more because I want to try the pattern rather than the need for a new shirt so it can wait.


Carie said...

They are both gorgeous! I love the embroidery on the jacket and the skirt is the perfect canvas for the Mollie Makes buttons

Helena, Craft and Creativity said...

What a lovely jacket! :)

motherof5 said...

They are both lovely but that skirt stole my heart!
xx N

Melissa said...

What a great collection! Love the appliqué and embroidet! Nice job :)

Sofia's Ideas said...

This is soooooo my style!!! You are getting my creative juices flowing. But that means I have to clean up my sewing table first. I hate you for that. And by "hate", I mean "love". *giggle*