Sunday, 14 April 2013


I seem to be in a perpetual cycle of sorting and organising our possessions.
This week I have tidied my sewing space (again) and Georgie's art space ( trying in vain to contain her prolific production)


This is the latest edition to our craft space - Derek has done up this old set of drawers ( handles ordered and somewhere between the etsy trader and our house). I am hoping this will help contain the endless bits of paper , stickers and other necessary art material that gets spread around our lounge.

In a rash moment I have reduced my magazine collection by a 1/3 and decided not to re subscribe to any magazines - I have inspiration overload! There is so much beautiful handcrafted stuff on line and in magazines that my "to do " list seems to be ever increasing.   I am planning an "unplugged" school holidays based around home , no new projects just finish a few that are in progress.

Georgie meanwhile is contiuning the fairy and rainbow theme:

 No lists in her head - just makes as the mood dictates

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