Sunday, 5 May 2013

KCW - the aftermath

After the frantic activity of last weeks sewing binge - a big tidy up along with some finishing was this weeks agenda.

I had started another Oliver and S ice cream dress - a colour block version:

I added some pockets as they were a hit on the corduroy one. The fabric was a cotton with a satin type finish  and has a bit of stretch which I like for kids clothes. I am hoping it will last for summer as it's a little bit longer than the first version. I think this my favourite item I made from the week.

I deliberated for ages about the sleeves on the jacket I made:

Not just that they were a little long for Georgie but they looked out of proportion long compared with the length of the coat. By the time her arms were longer the body of the coat would be too short.  Much as I liked the cuff detail - it just didn't work for a kids - I couldn't roll up the sleeve as it was too bulky and I could see they would get covered in food and general kid grubbiness.  So I unpicked, removed them and shortened the sleeve just about 1cm .

It's much more wearable and I think the plain sleeve is better.
Now she has stacks of clothes for winter and I am surfing the net for a tunic pattern for myself.
Anyone with the Lisette portfolio tunic pattern( Simplicity 2245) in the smaller sizes who wants to sell their copy? (or loan), as it is now out of print.


cloves corner said...

That jacket is adorable! I love that it's cute and kid-friendly. It's been so fun to see your sewing extravaganza unfold.

Melissa Vining said...

Beautiful model!

Sofia's Ideas said...

Oh my word. I can only aspire to one day be able to do the same for my children. Beautifully done!

Tracy said...

This is gorgeous and should be wonderful for winter.