Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Learning to sew

Last week's sewing frenzy has renewed Georgie's interest in sewing.
We found this little kit when picking up supplies last week:

I forgot to take a picture before we made the doll, but essentially it was a printed piece of fabric with a cutting guide and simple instructions.

I helped guide the machine as the curved seams were a bit tricky for a beginner. Georgie stuffed it and then I stitched it shut for her.

Pretty good for a first effort:
Georgie was very pleased with the end result - I liked that it was quick too.
I think she needs a bit more straight stitching practice before she can make one by herself but it has motivated her to sew more .

I think we might paint some fabric and try sewing up some little cushions for her dolls as practice, but I can see we will end up with another kit as Georgie planning another one!


Carie said...

That's such a sweet little kit, perfect for a first project

the habit of being said...

what a perfect little kit! i bet she must be proud of her finished doll.

Sofia's Ideas said...

This is adorable! How old is your lovie, by the way? One of my daughters is very much into sewing but has not yet attempted using the machine. Just wondering if I am holding her back because of my own reservations and inadequate experience. (She is now 11)