Friday, 24 May 2013

Tova Shirts

After last weeks sewing disaster I chose the much safer Wiksten Tova pattern and made myself not 1 but three of them. Long story short - the larger gingham needed a pre wash and I wanted to make one NOW so I used the smaller check, then I liked it so decided to make the larger anyway.

I made the collar on the smaller check narrower but then decided it sat better with the wide version so went back to that for the next one. 
Then I wanted a tunic and since this pattern is fast and easy I made the Tova dress too

 Sorry about the crappy pictures taken late at night with low light.
But you get the idea from the mirror shot what it looks like on, vaguely sack like but in the nice wool mix I bought at global fabric I think the drape is ok. Much happier about this look than the previous tunic top.
Now I have managed to get hold of the Lisette Portfolio tunic pattern
I'm going to make the tunic length one ( in green on the packet) in a grey wool mix - here is hoping that it has some shape.

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Carie said...

It's got to be the sign of a good pattern that you made it three times, and they all look great so I can see why.