Sunday, 30 June 2013

Different agendas

Weekends can be tricky in our house sometimes, while doing things together as a family is high on my priority it doesn't always work for us all. Those who have worked all week want sport and outside time, the small person wants to chill out at home and I usually want a bit of both so we often end up doing tag team at home on one day.

Yesterday we all skied although not everyone was thrilled about it so we only went for a few hours.

Today two of us stayed home:

She read while it was cold outside , I played with my camera and did housework.

Then we went for a walk. Tag team followed and I got to go for a bike ride , then we all checked out the last night of winter festival and G got to ice skate . All happy.

I even got a little sewing in, another tunic almost finished - pictures to come. Hope your weekend was good too.

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