Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Rainy weeekends , Vogue 8805

For the past 4 days it has rained - pretty much all day every day - unusual for us. The weather service is now promising snow on top of the floods many regions have had.

I needed to take pictures for this weeks assignments, so I bribed my girl with the promise of hot chocolate in a cafĂ© and we went on a photo mission.  Taking pictures on manual settings with a reluctant model in the rain is not easy - I take ages to adjust settings and she jiggles = many blurry shots. But I am getting there and starting to understand my camera a bit more - all good.

We spent much of the weekend at home , painting, drawing, sewing and cooking.

Vogue 8805 has been cut out and waiting for a month now, it's an easy pattern ( well it would be if I hadn't had to take it apart, change the bust darts and modify the fit). I measured up to a 14D according to the pattern measures - I ended up with a 10B - moral of the story - make it smaller than you measure as it's a roomy fit.
I made a few modifications : the neck was super high so I cut it almost 2cm lower in the front - I could have made it even lower I think. I cut it in just two sections instead of 3 and lined the bottom half and left the top just the lace fabric.  I didn't bind the neck but just overlocked and turned down the seam -see the following pictures.

I also just used a little piece of ribbon for the button loop .
I can't decide if it's  a bit nana like or 50's housewife retro? 
Either way I actually have nothing to wear it to at the moment but had fabric buying guilt and I needed to use up some fabric - like this grey lace that I splurged on recently.
I'm wondering if this pattern would work in stretch and tunic length?

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threadmark.co.nz said...

I'm loving that dress. I'm loving it so much that I am off to buy the pattern!