Sunday, 9 June 2013


I have been all consumed by my photography course and desperately trying to get to grips with the manual mode on my camera - and some pretty average photos to show for it. Not helped by an annoying cold which requires me to blow my nose every 2 minutes.

This is playing with aperture /depth of field, trying in this pic to focus on foreground objects only. You get the idea, lots of playing with the controls, over exposed images - blah blah blah.

I did manage to finish a bag I started at Handmade

Yes a very average picture sorry - trying to take pictures in manual mode is doing my head in - did I mention that? Another bag -  I seem to be making things I don't need at the moment as well.

Aside from many bad photos , we skied, swam and ice skated. This week I intend to be more productive and finish a few projects in progress - a cowl scarf, a dress for myself cut out and ready to go and maybe a cushion or two?  Oh and take more photos , hopefully some blog worthy .

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cloves corner said...

I *adore* that bag. And, thanks for the camera website. I'm still researching....