Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Baby gifts - quick change pants

Suddenly it's mid August , I have lost my blogging mojo, I have got out of the  habit of logging on in the evening and instead have been sewing and knitting -yay ( or ice skating practices - another story sometime!)

I've made a few things - a linen tunic dress - no photos yet, cast on yet another cowl but not so enormous as the last and then these 2 cute little pairs of pants.

The ones on the right are a belated baby gift for our neighbours  daughter who is now almost 3 months. The pair on the left is for a baby shower coming up for a friend. Both reversible and the blue denim has a little stretch in it. They are from Anna Maria Horner's book called Handmade beginnings -easy and quick.Now I've just cut out a very spring weather top from a Japanese sewing book - I've lost count of the Tova's I have made so figure it's time to try another pattern.


Carie said...

They're so cute! I love that pattern, I've got a couple of pairs of trousers waiting for Elma to grow into, and plans to make a pair for my nephew for Christmas.

cloves corner said...

I love this pattern too, but found it a bit small for cloth diapers. I made a 9-month size when Hazel was 6 months and it fit for a week. But, as these things go, that girl has slimmed up and--if she's in a disposable or, mabye soon, underwear(!)--it fits her now! And she's almost 2!