Thursday, 1 August 2013


Winter seems to have come and gone this July.
I took a little time unplugged, unintended as our days were long and I was tired but it was good.
School holidays have come and gone, we skied and we skated - there wasn't much time for anything else.

We did get some down time to hang out in the second week, the skiing was pretty average - ice base with sugar like snow on top , so we did other local stuff instead. I had good intentions to do the Kids clothes week but just ran out of steam - I got as far as cutting out another Oliver and ice cream dress but only got around to finishing it last night.

To be honest I'm not a big fan of the pink and purple combo - my choice would have been maybe a teal green with the purple floral - but the pink was in my stash and the wearer wanted these and she is happy.
I finally got around to finishing this cowl - it's kind of enormous - I live in hope of another really cold spell to justify wearing it. I knew it was probably a few too many stitches half way through but couldn't bear to undo it so now I just need a blizzard for it to be useful.

We had some bad news - Baxter , the neighbours cat , moved away 2 months ago after he  lived with us for a month while they relocated. We were really sad to hear he was run over a couple of weeks ago.
We'd got pretty fond of him over the last couple of years and the house feels really quiet without him around. I thought Georgie would be devastated - but she took the news way better than I did ( helped I think by pragmatic  Dad not  upset Mum telling her ) - she was pretty matter of fact about it and while she misses him she has moved on. 
I'm contemplating  getting a cat of our own, I'm not quite sure yet but I think we need a pet. I found what seemed like the perfect cat on trade me - owners moving overseas and sounded like a cat with personality - but he is already trying out another family so unlikely to come to us.
In the meantime we have been out in the garden enjoying the warm temperatures while hoping for more snow.

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