Sunday, 27 October 2013

KCW 7 days , 7 garments

Yes 7 garments in 7 days.

Yesterday's sewing was interrupted by a school fair, visitors and drinks at a friends but despite all that I managed to cut out and make most of the Olive  & S roller skate dress. This morning it was a 10 min job to fit the elastic and sew the ribbon on the front. Fully rate this pattern it was really easy and the finish being fully lined is good -it could be reversible it you wanted.

The fabric is from the Valori Wells wrenly collection.
I ended up not putting pockets in , mainly because I was feeling lazy but also I thought this print would look best in a really simple design.
I lined it with some Japanese lawn off cut I had.
Georgie wanted to wear it all day , but it was really not the weather for a summer dress -  supposedly spring but it wasn't very spring like as it snowed.
Then I made a super quick witches dress for Halloween. Actually it is not a big thing here and we don't go all in for it but last year friends came around for dinner , the kids did trick or treating in our street and had a great time so wanted to do it again.
Georgie wants to be a witch, so I obliged and made a black dress, complete with silver moons and gold stars we added to the wearer's specifications - on the body only not the arms.
I just used the blossom blouse pattern from this book , made it longer in the arms and body plus put an elastic waist in - easy.
I hadn't really planned to make so much this week , it was a bit of a mission fitting it in around work and after school activities , but I'm glad I did. All the things I made have been sitting in a pile waiting to be made for up to 6 months and it feels great to have finally done them.
Now I have a couple of other projects - some cushion covers, a top for me, a new sunhat for G to make before xmas.


Ellieboo said...

Wow 7 items, and I thought I had done well with 3 and a half. Adore the fabric in the first dress - just lovely!

Carie said...

You have been industrious! I love the Roller Skate dress in that print, I've got quite a busy print earmarked for one for Kitty and it's good to see that it doesn't get overwhelmed.

Suzy said...

I love the print for your Roller Skate dress! Gorgeous.