Thursday, 24 October 2013

KCW day 4 - simple skirt

When you start sewing late in the evening, the photo shoot for the finished item is very limited.
I drafted a pattern using the Oliver and S sailboat skirt as a base I added pockets and a waist band at the front instead.

And yes that trim is just a little wonky, but it's late and I am hoping once on it won't be noticeable. Because I sewed the ends into the side seam then overlocked - unpicking is not an option I am interested in - so wonky it is!

Update Fri 25th: proper pictures

I was going to leave it plain but then I thought maybe a lot of what I have made lately has been mini adult type clothes and Georgie really likes trim and this woodland ribbon is her favourite part of the skirt ( oh and of course the pockets)

2 comments: said...

I have the same shoes as your daughter! Seriously! The same! The only difference is that there is a 30-something age difference between us.

Emily Thompson said...

super cute!! I love the color and the ribbon around the bottom!!! I'm a new follower on Pinterest.... I have a group board Sewing for Kids... its been growing fast, I'd love for you to join!! Follow me at ntcreations or just follow the board and I can invite you to join the group... we'de love to have you pinning your greatness :o)pop me an e-mail at Emily