Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Sewing Binge

September turned into one big sewing ( and skating ) binge. My girl and I were both in an ice show, and I made costumes - lots of them!

This pile doesn't look that impressive but it represents - 6 adult ball dresses, 6 adult tunics, sparkly tops and dresses for kids and flying monkey wings. I've never been involved in a big production and it was really fun - we had Friday night sewing bees complete with wine and nibbles, up to 5 days skating a week - and a lot of laughs. I've yet to actually see the whole show because I was backstage or skating for most of it - waiting for a DVD copy of the show this weekend.  I had the best intentions for photos but it never really happened - I got a few backstage shots but nothing blog worthy.

Along with all the skating Georgie was in a school production:

I didn't have time to make the full outfit so just made some grey pants and top and put some elephant toe nails around the sleeve and pant cuffs, plus a little tail (haha - here is a little action shot for you.)

Consequently it is chaos around home - piles of fabric, washing, dishes, uncut lawns - the list goes on, luckily this week is school holidays so we are hanging out at home tidying as we go.

Next up is a school dress up day - early settlers style - there is a pattern lying on my desk for a bonnet and apron ready for tomorrow.

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