Thursday, 12 December 2013

Xmas making

I might be all quiet on the blog front but I have done a little xmas crafting. Not as much as I would like but enough to feel I haven't totally lost my making mojo.

Fabric gift tags, this one was an advent calendar activity. we both sat down and did these, I've gotten out of these little making sessions since school started and it reminded me we need to do it more.

Gifts for teachers - Georgie draws the picture and I transfer onto linen and turn into a book mark.

Tree ornaments - Das clay

Another advent activity - a trip to the bead shop for some quiet making on a rainy weekend.
Furby obsession - another rainy afternoon when off school sick spent using magazine strips to make art.
Lastly a $2 chair from the recycling centre I revamped with new paint and ikea fabric over the seat.
(Having a chair frenzy here at the moment and much to my husbands disgust have filled the garage with the chairs to do up or sell ).
So there it all is , nothing fancy but it feels good to just sit still and take some time out to make little things.

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