Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Travelling light

Aside from the obvious fun and adventure of travelling its a good reminder of how little stuff you actually need.  My two outfits for the month have been plenty - one black and blue pair of jeans. In fact due to some lost bags for 4 days we now have too much in the way of clothing.

We arrived in Switzerland minus 3 bags, and our jeans and light weight travel clothing didn't cut it in the sub zero temps.  After waiting 24 hours and no sign of bags we decided we needed to get on with our holiday so went and bought some warm clothing which our travel insurance has said they will pay for.  While that sounds great in theory it now means our bags are crammed and when you travel with ski gear it takes up so much room we had packed very economically.

I am enjoying the simplicity of only a couple of outfits , I fully plan to go through my wardrobe yet again on return home as every time I open my wardrobe I feel almost overwhelmed with the bulging contents. The same goes for our bathroom cupboard, my small toilet bag has everything in it I need - I can't recall what is filling up the space at home so it is obviously not important.

Aside from the necessary insurance shopping and some birthday gifts for Georgie  , who turned 7 while we were in Switzerland, my only purchase for myself has been a pretty papercut picture the size of a postcard and a new hairbrush - although a fancy coloured French one.  Having to carry everything in one bag per person is a good incentive.

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