Monday, 6 January 2014

Less and More

On every drive , bike ride or walk I 've written a blog post in my head about the Xmas gift making, the last days of the school year, new year wind down - the list goes on.  Now  in the chaos of packing for a month long trip to Europe I have finally found a little pocket of time to sit down and write.

I just looked back through last years resolutions: get fit - mmm didn't really happen but I did try some new things like tennis and outdoor fitness classes.
More organised - yes and no, still need to clear out my wardrobe but we did park in the garage this winter because there was space.
A White Xmas, not quite but heading to snow in early January is pretty close.
Do a photography course - yes big tick I did do this one.


Less- as I hunt  through the ski gear and winter clothes and organise our home for house and cat sitters this word keeps coming back to me.

I need less
Less possessions - more experiences, more trips to the beach, more long walks
Less internet time - more in the present, more Georgie time, more exercise outside
Less procrastinating - more doing and making
Less meals out - more dinner guests
Less spending - more saving ( ha that's ripe on the eve of a big holiday - might start this one in Feb when the visa bill comes in!)

Some of the specifics
- organise the last 3 , yes 3 , yrs photo albums
- wardrobe overhaul, mine and miss 6's
- sewing room purge - uncomfortable but necessary before wardrobe in this room explodes
- join up for a boot camp and tennis lessons


But for now I am packing up the winter woollies before we head north tomorrow.

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