Thursday, 20 February 2014

Home sweet home & the Simplified wardrobe

Wardrobe overhaul
True to my word I came home and embarked on a wardrobe cleanout, that and the list of other jobs as long as my arm. I read a few helpful blog posts : Wide eyed Legless has a good series on the perfect wardrobe. I did the standard - try it on - and if I didn't feel good in it , it didn't fit, I hadn't worn the item in a year ( excluding special occasion clothes like ball dresses) or was  just shabby it went out.

Living out of a suitcase with just 2 pairs of jeans for a month helped put the size of my wardrobe into perspective - that and the fact I could barely shut the doors because of clothes falling out. I don't buy huge quantities although I do regularly purchase new pieces with each new season - but the combination of making new clothes as well as buying and not getting rid of any old ones meant I really had more than I needed.

What I realised when going through my clothes is that certain brands for me are well worth the money - Chalky digits ( NZ made) Lululemon  & Patagonia , all have been long lasting and I wear regularly.  Plus I like the fact that these 3 companies all seem to have made an attempt at ethical fashion with some thought to the environment and conditions for those that make their clothing. Aside from these 3 brands I have a few other NZ designed pieces I love and some I have made that I wear .  Most of the items I removed from my wardrobe were either cheap chain store pieces that were never quite right or things I have made that didn't really work with the rest of my wardrobe.

I'd love one of those minimalist wardrobes with matching hangers but I am a long way off that yet. Even pulling out a third of my clothes I still have ample - the picture above is actually the "after" shot of part of the main rail,( trousers and knitwear etc are folded above and shoes below). It  doesn't include a dresser filled with my t shirts, socks, underwear and sports wear.

After going through my clothes I boldly told my husband I wasn't going to buy any new clothes for myself or Georgie for a year! With a few exceptions - she is growing so will need new shoes , socks and one or two selected items like bigger ski pants. Myself I am waiting for a work cardigan I ordered to come in but aside from that I don't think I need anything else. Although if the elastic does all suddenly go on my knickers I won't be holding out for a whole year.
I am still going to make clothes if I feel like it - it's a hobby I enjoy but I will try to use the fabric I have without buying any more. Hopefully after a year I will be much more selective in what I purchase and what I keep - wish me luck.

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Pienkel said...

I'm trying the same here. I do buy things every now and then, but I really minimised my shopping!