Saturday, 22 February 2014

Making the most of where you live

Choose furniture you love

 I decided in a pre trip, pre xmas restlessness to make a few changes to our furniture; doesn't really fit with the whole consume less and good for the earth theme as with my wardrobe rationalisation but is making me feel happier about our home and where we are at.

There is sort of a moral to this story though - buy once and buy what you love ,and I think the best quality you can afford. Had I waited and saved up initially I would not be changing our chairs at all!

It started after looking at houses for sale when I decided ours was too small, only to change my mind and decide actually I like our home it just felt  a bit cluttered and a few things annoyed me - irrationally - like the dining chairs I have never liked . So I decided to change things  - first to go were the above dining chairs - purchased because they were cheap and I couldn't find any I really liked in our price range at the time.  After looking at lots of pictures of dining chairs on pinterest and the likes I decided a new rug would freshen up the room too. My husband couldn't give a toss what we sit on so I have free range on most furniture options. As long as it is comfortable he is happy although he was fine with the old chairs - but since new chairs were cheaper than a new house he went along with me.

Voila - a new fresher look via ikea ( Stockholm rug) and trademe ( Eames reproduction chairs).  That rug may turn out to be a disaster with white under the dining table - but so far so good. Georgie is refusing to use the kids chair ( in picture 1 and instead a cushion on a black chair -despite  her kids one being a much more comfortable height) . The white chair is just because I liked it ( & is the most comfortable ) I actually have 6 of the black but it was just a bit too matchy for my liking.

We also plan to do some landscaping outside next summer to  make an outdoor dining and more usable outdoor living area . In the mean time I seem to have a never ending declutter happening.


Katy McRae said...

Love those chairs! They look fantastic. And good luck with the rug - just keep the carpet cleaner handy!

cityhippyfarmgirl said...

I like the look of those chairs too :-)

cloves corner said...

I read this a while back and kept meaning to comment. Really spoke to me! I love the transformation, and the advice: buy once, buy what you love, buy the best quality you can afford. When I've done those three things, I've never regretted it. When I've failed on one account, I almost always end up with regrets. We happen to be shopping for a new sofa and rug...slowly. Now that it's nearly spring, the priority may fall to the back burner again. LOVING your changes, your simplifying, beautifying.