Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Simple Wardrobe pieces

In the process of cleaning out my wardrobe I looked at what I wear the most, items that last for several seasons before they wear out - my basics and realised most of these were simple pieces in plain colours.  Not buying anything for a year was a challenge in Singapore - I did fall off the wagon just a little bit - I wandered past a Camper shoe shop with 50-70% off and it was too hard to resist.

I have had my eye out for a pair of black flats for summer, I had saved a few on pinterest with ankle strap, but I have narrow feet and hadn't found a pair to fit. I saw a pair exactly the same as one on pinterest at Camper for 50% off and they fitted - enough said.

Leather lined and super soft - I've worn them twice before winter has really set in and I am back to my basic black boot. I'm really happy with these though as they are perfect for work - flat and comfortable.

I then had a little sewing binge and made myself 2 tunics, one in the Chambray I bought in Singapore

I used Vogue 8805 ( I moved on from the staple dress and back to this pattern!) with a few modifications. I made the neck a bit lower ( I know it still looks high and I cut it down 2cm) and as a result the neck opening is bigger so I gave up in the button in the back and cut it in one piece like the front so it just pulls over my head. I put patch pockets on to copy the Toast one I liked.

Version 2
In a stiffer grey cotton, I wore it all day before taking the picture so it's a bit wrinkled but you get the idea. I've been wearing them with tight, boots a scarf and cardigan. The 3/4 sleeve works for me , I find a longer sleeve gets in the way unless it's tight fitting.
Then I taught myself to crochet again
Simple seems to be my theme - cotton dish clothes
My plan is now to copy a couple of my favourite knit tops as the originals are in constant rotation and starting to look a worn. I have also been eyeing up a dress pattern Anna Dress. I have one full length black dress which I have had for about 10 yrs and thinking maybe it's time for something new.

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threadmark.co.nz said...

Love those Campers. Love Campers fullstop. Came back from Melbourne with a pair of Campers to replace the ones that I had literally worn to pieces. Also came back with a pair of bright pink clogs. I'm still trying to work out if that was a good or a bad decision.